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A career at Amway is a career in opportunity. At Amway, you can explore and grow, make a difference, and find success. Established in 1959, Amway is a multi-billion dollar company, and the world’s No. 1 direct selling business, according to the Direct Selling News Global 100. Amway is a center of health, skincare and home product innovation and top-selling, global brands. We manufacture and distribute 450+ consumer products. More than 17,000 employees worldwide support millions of Amway Business Owners who sell Amway products.



LGS Job: Primarily consults with Basic accounts/entry-level ABO leaders:



  • Leverages basic qualification and re-qualification data in order to generate insights
  • Identifies patterns of inbound ABO requests and create scripted answers to those requests
  • Understands the Amway core business model and how to personalize to an individual ABO’s motivations and goals


  • Develops appropriate messaging for a mass audience
  • Qualifies opportunities to serve and help with accounts
  • Determines potential short-term goals to share with accounts


  • Defines appropriate objectives for meetings and phone calls
  • Opens a meeting/phone call with relevancy to the account
  • Uses open-ended questions to probe for growth opportunities to help the account qualify/re-qualify
  • Explores the account’s immediate desired outcome
  • Identifies obstacles to qualifying/re-qualifying
  • Educates on actionable steps necessary to achieve a realistic outcome
  • Helps the account choose the best path forward to achieving success
  • Ensures the account has information they need to get started
  • Teaches the account to use appropriate metrics


  • Measures account performance in relation to qualification/re-qualification
  • Generates alerts and notifications to drive qualification/re-qualification activities
  • Directs appropriate inquiries to Amway support staff/resources


Non-LGS Job

  • Conduct training programs to ensure distributors' effectiveness in Amway business
  • Support Sales activities/programs/related projects such as recruiting, rallies, seminars… to deliver and contribute to achieve business goals


* or an equivalent combination of formal education, on-the-job training, and/or work and life experience


Degree Field

Related Experience

Certification(s) / License(s)



Business Administration, Economics or related field


Fresh Graduated




Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and/or Related Experience:

(This section details the key attributes, skill sets or experience an individual must have to be successful in the position and is typically in the form of a bulleted list)

  • Ability to build partnership & good in influencing & communicating skills
  • Planning & Execution: ability to multitask and get things done, works diligently to complete tasks as expected
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: effectively works and cooperates with leaders, colleagues, other departments… to finish a certain task or project; listens other's perspectives and treats people professionally
  • Advance computer skills in Ms-word, Excel, PowerPoint…

Job Segment: Entry Level