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About Our Internship Program:

Here at Amway, our interns develop through real world experience and are assigned meaningful projects that challenge and allow for personal growth. All Interns receive project support and on-going performance feedback from a person advisor and hiring manager. Amway hosts over 80+ interns each summer and offers programming events designed to assist navigating Amway culture, making the most of a summer internship, and building a successful career. The program provides exposure to a breadth of career fields and offers unique opportunities to learn business acumen, work cross-functionally and showcase their skillsets directly to hiring managers and executives.


Internship Eligibility:

This job posting is for our summer 2021 Internship Program (May – August); qualified candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and one semester or more left of school to complete at the beginning of their internship. Candidates who have graduated are not eligible to intern.


** Please note, these positions are not eligible for Sponsorship.


Internship Job Title: Plastics Intern



What is special about this team: I&S Process & Reliability’s role is to take a product design concept and merge that into a viable product that can be manufactured, marketed, and delivered at a target cost.  This team ensures products & processes are designed for assembly and reliability through the product’s life expectancy.  In order to guarantee a robust design, this team develops prototypes, runs tool validations, evaluates performance and sources equipment to meet the expected product lifespan and cost.


How would an intern contribute to the team’s success? The intern will conduct trials around colorant levels, regrind percentages, and other plastic material performance characteristics that will be used for future plastic product design.  Should the trials provide a positive result, the changes will reduce unit cost at a plastic part level.


Plastics part development is a key factor in the development of high quality electro-mechanical products. Candidates will have the opportunity to work directly with design & plastics engineers on a project that will impact our products. Engineers select the right material and tool design to provide the right part. This project will give the candidate an understanding of colorant impact, tool design, regrind impact, part performance testing, and reporting techniques to lead the team in part selection/decision making.


An example of a typical project is: Our Interns work on a real-world opportunity with a project tailored to both our needs and the Intern’s skills. Projects may include a Design of Experiments (DOE) regrind study to determine allowable regrind content on various surface requirements.  Another project could focus on running a DOE around additive versus pre-blend colorant technologies. These experiments will reduce product cost, provide hands-on injection experience and an opportunity to apply DOE techniques in a real-world application.


What skills and background will be important to be successful in this internship?

     Desired Skills: A Plastics Engineer candidate with demonstrated leadership experience within a Student Org. or Sport.  Bonus skills would include tool build apprenticeship, mold flow programming, MiniTAB.

     Desired Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Plastics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.


Location of Internship: Ada, MI



Amway’s exceptional benefits package includes: Medical, dental, prescription and vision insurance; 401(K) participation; Profit Sharing; Bonus Eligibility; Fitness Center; product discounts.  Look into how Amway can transform your career!  Visit our web site to apply:  http://www.amway.jobs. For additional information, check us out at www.linkedIn.com/company/amway, www.facebook.com/AmwayTalent, and www.twitter.com/AmwayTalent.

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